??? - October 28, 2009

Below are 2 wonderful poems written in Drifter's memory. The first is from Shirley. The words just poured from her heart after she got the sad news. The other is a gift from Margaret and Mala from the Mal-L listserv group. Margaret has written several poems for us over the years, each one capturing the dog's spirit.

Drifter Passes Through Oct 28 2009

Just a couple of weeks, in a short space of time.
Drifter left his paw prints on our hearts, hands and minds.
Old, and quite injured, his eyes still shined with trust.
We had to try saving him, we knew that we must.

We tried very hard. We did all that we could
To give this old boy a new life that was good.
We fed his hunger and tended to his pain.
Caring for this dear one left our hearts and souls changed.

In the time he was with us he received hugs and much love.
And God, in his Heaven, smiled down from above
For only He knew the miles Drifter trod upon Life's difficult road.
It was time for Drifter to join Him is His Heavenly abode.

As the sands of time passed and Drifter laid down his dear head
He remembered gentle touches and sweet words that were said
By his caretakers in rescue who had given him their hearts.
He didn't want to leave them. He didn't want to depart.

In the stillness, God whispered, "Drifter, come Home.
Join Me and the Golden Years gang above the celestial dome.
I promise, one day, you shall see all of your new friends
When they, too, cross the Bridge to where time never ends".