So, some of you are wondering what happened to Emma right? She's still here and still very happy. On Memorial Day weekend 2006 the board decided we would have Emma stay with us as a permanent foster as she's already been with us over 2 years and has not found a suitable home. Shirley & Carol approached Emma's foster dad to see if she could continue to live with him.......it took less than a split second for him to say "yes"! She is thriving in her environment and we are happy to have her as a permanent resident for Golden Years. Emma is about 10 years old now and still spunky as ever.

A little history for those of you who have not followed Emma's story. She was found roaming the streets of Muskegon and picked up by animal control in 2004. The poor girl had glaucoma so bad her eyes looked like the bulging eyes on a flying squirrel. We were called and fortunately we just had a space open up in a foster home. We tried to get the swelling down but the glaucoma was too advanced. Emma needed eye surgery and thanks to a very generous donor the cost of the surgery was covered. The vet took out Emma's eyes and put a silicone ball in the eyeball and then put the whole eye back in. This was done on both eyes and gave Emma a normal look. She started recovery well, but the stinker managed to get her e-collar off and pulled at the stitches. She had to go back for more surgery and this time she totally lost the eyeballs. Her fur is very dark around the eye area so if you've never met her before she just looked like she had her eyes naturally closed. It made us sick knowing a human didn't have the decency to get Emma's eyes taken care of in the very early stages of the glaucoma. It would have saved her from having to be in constant pain in her eyeballs. We are blessed to have this girl as part of the permanent Golden Years family. Often we forget she's blind since she has compensated so well. Animals are truly amazing at overcoming adversity. Emma is an absolute love.

It is with shattered heart that I find myself moving Emma to our memorial section. In early September Emma had a mild stroke and a couple of minor seizures. The vet placed her on a couple of meds and she seemed much better after a few days. She went from total confusion in her surroundings back to looking for treats and speaking her mind. I had just lost my beloved boy Tok on August 30th (2009) and hadn't been up to the rescue since that time. Given the scare with Emma I went up on Sept 11 to see her and spoil her a bit. I got several pictures and some video of her being her silly self.

At some point between late evening October 2 2009 and very early that next morning, Emma was missing. Her latch at the end of the tie-out cable was partly open. Was she taken? Did she go off to die? No one knew and many folks began searching frantically for her. Her foster home was only a quarter mile from our rescue so ditches and trails were thoroughly searched with no Emma being found. Shirley put up posters, all of the local rescues were notifed and on Monday an ad was placed in the paper. Each day she was missing dimmed our hopes of finding her alive. 2 weeks later and still no Emma. We are hoping she found a nice safe and quiet place to pass over to the Rainbow Bridge. Her foster dad is broken hearted at losing his special Emma. We learned so much from her and how she adapted to life with no eyes. She always seemed to feel they were highly overrated. Godspeed Miss Emma.........enjoy that new silver harness............

approximately 1996 - October 3 2009

Our update when we moved her to permanent resident status in 2004

Emma has now been properly buried. See notes at the bottom of the page along with a beautiful poem from Margaret of Mal-L

I asked God to please bring Emma home somehow. That prayer was answered. On October 24th Emma was found on a neighbor's property across the street from her house. There is a big pond in the back of the property and it appeared Emma crossed a busy road and wandered toward her favorite thing...water. Sadly she forgot the rule that she had to have her foster dad with her whenever she played in the water. She probably drowned the night she went missing. She's now properly buried at her foster dad's house. Our friend Maragret from the Mal-L listserve wrote a special poem for Emma.

New Sight - Emma's View From Beyond

I opened my eyes to the most beautiful sight
Of a land filled with hills, big trees and bright, shining light.
There are no more shadows or blackness of night.
My journey was fast as I sped on in hopeful flight.

My friends are all here and here's where I'm staying
With those great and small, I am happily playing.

But I still lovingly remember my people on the earth
Who cared for me deeply and told me how much I was worth.

I loved with my heart and not with my eyes
Yet some day soon I will see all of you guys.

Til then I thank you for all you have done
With your special care a healthy girl I'd become.

Good vet care, tasty food and toys filled with bells.
Gratitude fills my heart and with love does it swell.

It was ever such fun to ride merrily in that boat.
To feel the wind caress and ruffle my fluffy mal coat.

I will never forget your sweet and ever-loving care.
It was more than I had hoped for and more than I dared.

So, don't ever forget me. The chasm isn't so wide
And one day soon you'll be on this side.

My silver harness fits good and feels pretty great.
Hey, my friends are calling and I don't want to be late.

I opened my eyes to a lovely and beautiful sight.
I'm off to explore the meadows, trees and hills of this land of bright light!

With love from Emma.