One of our volunteers (thank you Steve Minch) was contacted by Sanilac Animal control about a poor old Malamute that nobody claimed. As time went by his health was deteriorating and his time was up. Steve pulled him for us and brought him to our rescue so he could live out his days with us (July 23rd). His coat was a wreck, his hearing fading and by the looks of the cataracts in his eyes his vision was fading as well. We got him settled in to Baja's old run and gave him a name. Joshua just seemed to fit.

Shirley let him out in a play area where he would snooze and sun himself all day. He wouldn't eat and what little got in, went right out the other end. It was not a good sign. On Thursday the 26th Joshua slipped away in his sleep to join the many Golden Years alumni at the Rainbow Bridge. At least he knew the gentle touch of Shirley and Steve and he had a name to take with him. Godspeed gentle Joshua. Thank you for blessing us for a few days.

A Love Letter from Joshua
(To Steve and Shirley)

I was confused, lost and tired.
My body was old.
I was sick, sad and heartbroken
With no hope. Nights were cold.

I'd walked many miles just to find a soft bed
To lay down my sleepy and ancient old head.
Time was so short, my strength, it was fading.
Is this how I'd die? Alone but still praying?

From somewhere I heard a deep, caring voice.
"Come with me, old boy". How my heart did rejoice!
To a lady, he took me. She gave me some food.
She spoke while she stroked me and I knew she was good.

I laid out in the sun and did lots of sleeping.
My dream had come true. It was me they were keeping!
For the few days I spent here, I was never the same.
These precious, dear souls even gave me a name!

But the years and the miles had taken a toll,
In my sleep, to the Rainbow Bridge, I did go.
So, Steve and Shirley, please don't be blue.
I love you and I'm still watching over you, too.

Thanks for your love and for all of your caring.
But thanks most of all for your hearts you were sharing.
At the end of your journeys, you will see me again.
Young, strong and healthy, playing with all my new friends.

Poem by Margaret from the Mal-L listserve group