King was a 7-8 year old male who was pulled from a kill shelter for us in 2004 by another rescue. Based on the condition of King he had a pretty hard life. He was found running as a stray and the tags he had on his collar were over 4 years old. An attempt was made to find an owner but the information pulled indicated his possible previous owners had moved.

King's ears were horribly scarred by old fly bites that were left untreated. He was very thin when he was pulled but he gained weight, in fact a little too much weight! Once he realized no one was going to hurt him his playful and loving personality came shining through. His most endearing quality was the fact that he always had something in his mouth. He'd carry his food dish, he'd carry a favorite toy, heck his foster dad finally had to jam his water dish into a cement block so he wouldn't carry that off too (and most times it had water in it!). We thought we had him placed several times but things would always fall through at the last minute. King was a wonderful ambassador at our public outreach events and he really enjoyed the extra attention. King was Mal/GSD mix (he got the GSD ears that's for sure) and he wasn't the most attractive dog but boy did he have a huge heart full of love. King didn't know he didn't have a forever home. Heck he had a wonderful home as far as he was concerned. His foster dad would take him and our blind girl Emma out for walks and he'd play with King and gave him tons of love.

At the very end of January King wasn't eating very well. Then he showed no interest in carrying anything in his mouth. That was the alarm that something was very wrong. King's foster dad called Shirley the evening of Feb 1st. By Friday morning King was in distress and Shirley got him to the vet 1st thing. She dropped him off since the vet would be squeezing him in that morning. Not long after Shirley left she got the phone call. King's stomach had torsioned and it appeared to be a slow growing tumor that finally twisted it. King was in serious distress and Shirley asked the vet to let King go and not wait until she could get there. Shirley called Carol with the heartbreaking news. Carol was so saddened that she didn't get to say goodbye but we all have some wonderful memories that will stay in our hearts forever. Godspeed King (or Kingsford has his foster dad would call him) and we know you were met by Sheila and all of the Golden Years alumni at the Rainbow Bridge.

?? - February 2, 2007

What chickens??