Meekers (Toemeeka)

Meekers is a wonderful 13 year old Malamute that used to live with her 11 year old mate and 7 of her offspring. Her owner found himself in a situation forcing him to give up all but 1 dog and his home (Feb 2007). Rescues were contacted to see if there was any way to save these dogs from ending up being surrendered to the pound (and most likely death). Several rescue groups pulled together and worked out the logistics of where each dog would go. Golden Years took Meekers and 2 of her daughters (Fedella & Wanita) and we were the stop over for Ricki who was sent to Alaska thanks to a generous rescuer who paid her airfare for the non-stop flight. Meekers had a nasty grapefruit sized tumor below her tail and most of us suspected it was cancer. AMAL had already earmarked funds for all of these dogs and their immediate vet bills. Before we would have Meekers spayed we needed to determine what she had. Our vet got her in right away and got the tumor out. As expected it was cancer and a very rare form at that. Chances of recurrence is 100% so we did not want to put Meekers through any additional surgery given her prognosis and we decided she would become a permanent resident. She has the sweetest temperament and all of her pups inherited it.

Meekers update as of 6-6-09: Meekers now has some small mammary tumors that we are watching closely. She's getting a little thin but still holding her own. This girl was given 6 months to live back in 2007. She sure fooled those vets eh?

Meekers update as of August 11 2009. Our beloved Meekers finally lost her battle with the cancer as well as old age. Shirley went out to do her morning kennel chores and found Meekers nearly comatose. Shirley went into Meekers' kennel and sat down with Meekers, head in Shirley's lap. Shirley told Meekers it was OK to leave us now and Meekers passed away quietly in Shirley's lap. She is greatly missed.