1998 - August 31 2008

Sugar was a very big 10 year old girl in need of a forever home. She'd been in the rescue system since April 2007 and we finally had a spot open so we could take her in (fall 2007). Sugar was an owner surrender and she was found to be heartworm positive and had pyometria (infection of the uterus). She was treated for the infection, spayed and treated for the heartworms. Now she was all set for a new home.

When she was feeling silly her ear tips would flop over giving her a comical look and she had a grin to match. Sugar would suddenly get the zoomies and take off running in the big play yard. Watching a 130 lb Malamute that was 28" tall at the withers zooming around was a wonderful sight to see. Winter came and went and still no home for Sugar. Then spring, then summer. No inquiries but we did have visitors and volunteers who would give her lots of love and attention. On August 30th we had visitors who played with her and brushed her. What a happy girl she was......

When Shirley went out Sunday morning to let the dogs out to the exterior runs she made a tragic discovery. Sugar had passed away during the night, possibly from bloat. There was no way to know for sure what happened. This was the first time in the 8 years we've been in operation that we have experienced such an unexpected loss as Sugar never displayed any signs of illness before this. She has been buried near the same lilac bush that Nanook (she passed away May 11 2007) is buried near. This big girl has left a hole in our hearts as big as she was. At least we know she's at the Rainbow Bridge with all of the other Golden Years residents who had gone on before her. Wear that extra large silver harness with pride Miss Sugar.....Godspeed..........

Below is a wonderful poem from our special friend Margaret of Mal-L.

In memory of Sugar 1998- August 31 2008

She never found her forever home
But in the end, she was not alone.
Her retirement was spent at Golden Years,
Happy and loved and without any fears.

Lying in the sun under a big shade tree
Or running around the yard, playing so free.
Getting her coat brushed and eating lots of good food.
The smile from this big girl could turn any dark mood.

When Sugar got the zoomies, around the yard she'd run
With a great big smile, eyes atwinkle, having lots of fun.
We never thought a dog so big could move so very fast.
Without a doubt, you knew by her smile that she was having a blast!

Sugar had a great big heart, a heart as big as the sky.
Thinking of her floppy ear tips still does make us cry.
Sugar was a lover. She loved to lean and hug.
And when she did it was at our heartstrings that she tugged.

Beneath a lilac bush, next to Nanook, her body's at rest.
In her new silver harness, her spirit runs triumphantly with the best
Of those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge into Time.
Flying through the starlit sky, Sugar is feeling good and looking mighty fine.