So how did you do?

#1          Beau                                                     Purebred white Mal                                                                                                   Carol J

#2          2 wolves relaxing                                    Wolves                                                                                                                    from web

#3          Beau                                                     GSD/Malamute                                                                                                        Carol J

#4          Gideon                                                   High content wolf dog/GSD/Mal     20 months old                                                       Jill Porter

#5           Rio                                                       GSD/Malamute   (permanent resident at Golden Years)                                              Carol J

#6           Jacob                                                   AKC champion Malamute                                                                                         Jill Porter

#7           Fiona                                                    High content wolf dog black phase                                                                            Jill Porter

#8           Elijah                                                    AKC Siberian Husky - racing lines                                                                            Jill Porter

#9           Gideon                                                  High content wolf dog/GSD/Mal 8 months old                                                            Jill Porter

#10         Socrates                                                Wolf                                                                                                                      Monty Sloan

#11         Tola                                                       Purebred Siberian Husky                                                                                         Carol J

#12         Spirit                                                     Low content wolf dog/GSD/Malamute                                                                        Carol J

#13         Socrates                                               Young wolf                                                                                                              Monty Sloan

#14         Gideon                                                  High content wolf dog/GSD/Mal                                                                                Jill Porter

#15         Coyote                                                  Coyote                                                                                                                   Monty Sloan

#16         Gideon                                                  High content wolf dog/GSD/Mal  6 months old                                                           Jill Porter

#17         Siberian                                                AKC Siberian Husky racing lines                                                                              Jill Porter

#18         Saber, Sage, Storm & cat                      Wooly malamute and 2 low content wolf dogs/wolly mals   dog savvy cat                     Carol J

#19         Lazzie                                                  Mid content wolf dog/GSD/Sibe/Mal                                                                          Jill Porter

#20        Passion                                                 AKC Siberian Husky                                                                                               Jill Porter

#21        Echo & Ulrich                                         Wolf pup littermates                                                                                                Jill Porter

#22        Gideon & Passion                                   HC wolf dog and AKC Siberian Husky                                                                      Jill Porter

       Name (if known)                Description                                                             Photographer 
This picture was taken a few years ago. Carol got to interact with Gideon & Fiona under the guidance of Jill Porter. There are several other dogs in the enclosure and it was interesting to watch the pack dynamics